Counseling That Blends the Knowledge of Man With the Wisdom of God

If you asked most people their thoughts about counseling you would get a variety of responses, but let me ask you...

  • Are you struggling right now?
  • Do you fear the unknown?
  • Are you desperate for change?

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, then the therapists at Psalms and Proverbs Counseling are here to offer help.

Having faced their own challenges, the counselors at Psalms and Proverbs Counseling can relate to what most individuals are going through. They have diverse backgrounds with specific areas of expertise. Their ultimate desire is to blend their experience and education with the wisdom of God to bring healing.

Through individual counseling and small group therapy, our counselors' hope is that you will reach out to embrace the change available to you. They understand there is a great need for people to overcome past hurts, have hope for the future and pursue their purpose in life.

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